Specialty Services


Trained and mentored by one of the best brick stain company's in the industry, Avery Contracting Company is proud to carry on the motto of "Close isn't good enough... it HAS to be PERFECT." Never satisfied to leave a job until everything is just perfect, we proudly share in that same philosophy. From color-matching to a complete color change of your brick, block, CMU or mortar joints due to dye lot problems or otherwise, we are happy to assist with meeting your goals.


Protection of building structures can come in many forms, two of which are waterproofing and water repelling. For the ultimate in sealing, protecting and locking out moisture from porous and dense brick, architectural concrete, concrete cinderblock, split-face block and CMU structures, Avery Contracting Company is thrilled to announce the ability to apply such a product. Unrivaled in the industry and offering up to a 100-year product warranty, we are pleased to use this innovative, DOT approved product to protect your buildings surface. Whether you are looking to restore, modernize or erect a new building, we can help you attain your goals of preserving, protecting and prolonging the surface of your most valuable asset.


Overrun by spraycan paint in your city or town? Looking for an experienced company to remove the unsightly "artwork" from your unpainted brick, concrete, block, stone or masonry surface? If so, Avery Contracting Company can assist you with that. Using an environmentally friendly product line which is trusted by more municipalities than any other product line on earth, we can safely and effectively get rid of those unwanted graffiti tags without damage to the substrate or leaving ghostly shadows behind.