Graffiti Removal

Stonewall before graffiti removal

Beautiful faux stone wall marred with graffiti.

Stonewall after graffiti removal

Using an environmentally friendly product line trusted by more municipalities than any other product line on earth, what was once blemished by graffiti has now been restored to its original beauty.

Concrete barrier before graffiti removal

Cast-in-place concrete traffic barriers tagged multiple times with graffiti.

Concrete barrier after graffiti removal

This too can safely be restored to its pre-graffiti condition without damage to the underlying substrate or leaving ghostly shadows behind.

Granite pillar before graffiti removal

One of the many magnificent granite pillars along the sides of a busy freeway in downtown Washington D.C. covered with graffiti.

Granite pillar after graffiti removal

Gratefully removed thanks to the skilled graffiti removal specialists at Avery Contracting Company.

Decorative concrete bridge support before graffiti removal

Decorative concrete bridge support tarnished by graffiti.

Decorative concrete bridge support after graffiti removal

Efficiently removed without leaving traces of any graffiti behind.

Public retaining wall before graffiti removal

Public retaining concrete wall barrier tagged with graffiti.

Public retaining wall after graffiti removal

Successfully removed using only water, a power washer and the exceptional qualities of the biodegradeable product line we use.

Tilt-up concrete before graffiti removal

Tilt up concrete wall bridge support tagged multiple times with graffiti.

Tilt-up concrete after graffiti removal

Effectively removed without the use of sandblasting, soda blasting or other harsh removal processes which have the potential to harm the underlying masonry surface.

Painted over surface before graffiti removal

In some cases graffiti cannot always be removed. Such as when a surface has previously been painted over.

Painted over surface after graffiti removal

In those cases though a paint over of the surface using the former paint color may be used to successfully mask the underlying graffiti.

Using an environmentally friendly and biodegradeable product line which is trusted by more cities around the globe than any other product line for the safe, effective and efficient removal of unwanted spray can paint graffiti, Avery Contracting Company can assist with beautifying your city or town. If you are looking for an experienced, quality driven company to help with your removal efforts, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate or consultation service.